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I know that I come from a genetically smart family (due to test results of my siblings - see my Biography) and I was curious as to how ten years study of Physics, Philosophy, Metaphysics) affected my intellectual ability (for good or bad!!

- my IQ Scores for the IQ Tests are shown next to the IQ Test links below).

ii) They tend to be very stubborn and believe that they are right, but this stubbornness is founded on a passion for Reason and Truth.

iii) They believe that things can be understood and explained by Science and Reason.

I did the test in 20 minutes and scored 127 (So there is probably no advantage in answering faster and I should have taken more time and care! I am having trouble finding many FREE online IQ Tests for children so if anyone knows of any please write to me and I will add them.

) I have not completed the following IQ Tests but the websites seem to be pretty good. Thanks 'This verbal reasoning test is suitable for nine to twelve year old children and a challenge for kids parents!

According to these results I would be classified as 'gifted'.

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) (I have completed these tests and can confirm that they are free and provide reasonable test scores of your IQ.) The International High IQ Society offer five free IQ tests online (and logic puzzles).

- Provides a comprehensive list of online IQ tests, including some for children (not all are free). There are 25 questions and the time limit is 13 minutes.

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