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(This one is truly no work and no school.) Book recommendation of the week: Extraordinary Adventures, by Daniel Wallace.

Most miss the mark and end up smelling either too synthetic, too star jasmine, or orange blossom like, or add other notes to distract you from the problem. Versace Crystal Noir actually smells like a real gardenia. I'm not very disappointed by this because I got it discounted. As of September, I started making monthly perfume trays in order to get to know the perfumes I already own even better. I can see how overspraying this could result is something kind of nasty.

This is high praise coming from someone who spends a month a year smelling the real flower. This is on October's tray, and now that the last days of October are coming to an end, I feel that I can give a pretty fair review on this. Although the notes in this perfume point to summer, I find this best fits autumn/winter.

The coconut is the main note, but it's watered down enough to not smell like an actual coconut; it blends beautifully into the other notes, which can all be detected if taken the time to sniff them out individually.

Otherwise, the notes are so well-blended together that anyone walking past someone wearing this fragrance would be reduced to a hypnotic frenzy of desire, because there isn't a scent quite like this and people, therefore, become entranced by it (that's, funnily, how I discovered this perfume).

and I have to hold my nose directly onto my wrist to get any scent. After my shower, I kept applying it because I thought that I had forgotten to apply it since I did not smell anything. It is not a bad fragrance, just a week one for my bodies makeup. I do get a creamy hint of coconut, but I suppose it could be vanilla pod and heliotrope from the second pyramid.However, if I had only been more brave with fragrance in high school, I could see myself using this as a nighttime special occasion fragrance over the safer Bright Crystal.

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