Dating the roommate

14-Jan-2018 08:37

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Sure, I've had a little trouble with keeping my damn panties on, but for the most part it's worked out. We just fucking seduce each other and see who cracks first." "Now that - " I gestured with my drink and it sloshed onto the couch. I clutched at his head, his chest, his ass, feeling his buttocks clench as he fucked me harder and harder. I just didn't know how to tell you without it seeming like part of the game." "The game that I won, by the way." He squeezed my nose.

Jack was handsome though - really handsome - and just my type, with the bright blue eyes and the height and pulling up to our first hang on a motorcycle. "I want to make you cum," he groaned, sliding two fingers into my mouth and then pushing them against my clit. "Yeah, keep telling yourself that." *** Fast forward a few weeks to this morning, when I was on my hands and knees, scrubbing the floor, naked, while Jack watched.

I stood up and pulled my dress up and showed him my ass.

I told him this is what everyone at the bar saw, then I sat back down.

But good news for me - he had a girlfriend, and the rent was cheap, so I figured, what could it hurt? We had different schedules - he was a bartender and I worked a regular ol' nine to five, so we'd just chat in the kitchen as our paths crossed, maybe watch a movie together once in a while, and he spent a fair bit of time at his girlfriend's, so everything seemed to be going well. One time I was about to go on a date and he told me "Damn girl, you look good. The combination of his hard cock inside my pussy and his talented fingers on me made me come fast, and hard. Every once in a while he'd give me a little spank, or slide his fingers underneath me to play with my pussy and make me writhe, or kneel on the floor to stick his cock into my eager mouth.

Maybe you should just stay home and I'll bone you myself." Yeah, he uses the word bone. "Trust me, you couldn't tempt me." He banged his fist into his chest. The sound of my orgasm, the way my pussy squeezed his cock when I came, must've sent him over the edge, because with a shout he was filling me with cum, short hard thrusts that rocked the bed and made the headboard slam against the wall.

The next morning I asked Jay if I was dreaming or was he cuddling with me in my bed. I told him I was extremely horny and wet this morning with the image of us holding each other in bed. He leaned up with his our hand and touched my hard nipples. He slowly pulled his fingers from my pussy and licked them off. He rubbed the cum over my lips but never tried to push in my mouth. His moan was long and his cum covered my mouth, neck and tits. " He tried to whip it from my face but there was too much of it. I didn't see him till about 8 pm where I came home from work. " "You were looking so sexy and inviting in that t-shirt." he said. This time one shot of cum squirted out and landed on my hip near my pussy. I felt his throb twice then a gush of cum flooded my mouth. At the same time he was talking about the first night I came home drunk and how he was playing with me. I hung my head over the edge of the bed and Jay positioned himself in front of me.My nipples were hard and showing through the t- shirt. I had a feeling when I moved in it would be trouble. I bet you'd pull down your panties and bend over." "YOU WISH! "What the fuck - " "Maybe I need a change of scenery too," I said, cool as a cucumber, as my fingers slipped between my pussy lips. Our mouths and tongues were eagerly licking, sucking, as he pulled out and slammed back in, again and again, making me moan every time. We were so hungry for each other, for finally being able to touch, to rub, to consume.We had a friendship that I enjoyed and trusted enough to have him pay half the rent.

After Jay moved in we hit it off really well as roommates. He was the first guy other than my dad I lived with.

I glimpsed a little at a time to watch as he jerked off. I scooted down a little more where my ass was now hanging over the edge of the couch and my legs spread more. I scooped some of it up with my fingers and tasted it. I went to my room, removed my cum soaked t shirt and used it to whip the rest of the cum off me.

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