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25-Oct-2017 18:08

If you do test positive, you should see your doctor and get a blood test to ensure the result is accurate.

Bear in mind—newer antigen-antibody lab tests cannot detect HIV until two to three weeks after exposure to the virus, and it can take three months after the last possible exposure to HIV before a person will test positive with a blood or oral antibody test.BACK TO TOP If you think you may have HIV, it is important to find out as soon as possible.HIV is most easily transmitted when the level of virus in the body is at its highest—shortly after HIV infection and at the late stages of the disease.It does not mean that you have AIDS or that you will get sick right away.

And although there is no cure for HIV/AIDS, currently available drugs are highly effective at keeping the virus in check.

Even if you look and feel healthy, you could still be infected.