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19-Dec-2017 11:05

She wanted to pursue charges instead of taking a settlement, but says her lawyer convinced her to take the money.'That was very painful,' said Mc Gowan.

'I thought a hundred thousand dollars was a lot of money at the time, because I was a kid.' The other lawsuit that was paid out went to Zelda Perkins and her assistant at the time.

He would also parade around naked and force her to sit beside the tub as he bathed, according to Perkins.

She split the settlement with an unnamed colleague who also claimed to have suffered at the hands of Weinstein.

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'I was forced by the fact that newspapers completely bashed me, by the fact that I was alone, by the fact that I was 22 years old.'She then added: 'I knew if he could move the press in this way, I couldn’t fight him.'In addition to handing over her passwords and devices, Battilana signed a statement which said that all the behavior and offenses she had accused Harvey of never occurred on the days in question.

The six and seven-figured settlements that Harvey Weinstein paid out to his accusers is the focus of the latest New Yorker exposě from Ronan Farrow.

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