Sony ericsson problems updating

21-Jun-2017 06:32

Every now and then it got stuck and I had to reboot it (=remove the battery, wait, put the battery back in). It just gave me a white screen …or got stuck just at the logo.

After about 20 tries I managed to get a network connection again …not for long. They said since it is a German phone it *might* have some problems with the Telstra network. ) He suggested a master reset and a firmware upgrade.

The problems aren’t consistently with one type of card. Some people have suggested the card is too thin and so it may be losing connection, others seem to think it’s the class that matters and speed is a factor. Workaround: If you find that your micro SD card is completely unreadable after this happens, and it can’t be recognized by your computer either, then try SD Formatter to see if you can get it back.

This is becoming a standard complaint for all new smartphones.

It will generally come back to life again at some point, but may repeat the routine.

Solution: You should see a notification LED light up at the top right above your display when a new email or message is received by your Xperia Z, but a lot of people have been complaining that the LED on their device never lights up. It could be related to a backup problem, or it could be Stamina Mode.

After fighting with the crappy Sony Ericsson update software I got the new firmware installed.

(The updater software insisted that my version of flash was not compatible – but did not even bother to tell me which one was the right one.

Some people have reported an issue with their music stuttering and pausing during playback regardless of the app they are using to listen to it. If you’re using Bluetooth to stream the music to headphones or a speaker then it could be down to the Wi-Fi clash.

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