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Box 30354, Nairobi Telephone: 2542 722182/3, 724021 Fax: 254 2715966 Telex: 22412 ITALY Resident Mission Embassy of the Republic of Italy 11 Lourdel Road, Nakasero, Kampala P. Box 4646, Kampala Tele: 256 41 241786, 256416, 250450, 250442 Fax: 256 41 250448 Telex: 61261 ITALDIPL JAPAN Non-Resident Mission Embassy of Japan Kanyatta Ave., ICAE Building, 15th floor P. Box 60202, Nairobi Tele: 254 2 332955 Fax: 254 2 216530 Telex: 22286 TAISI KENYA Resident Mission The High Commision of The Republic of Kenya 41 Nakasero Rd. MALTA Consular representative, Consulate of Malta 78/80 Fifth St., Industrial Area P. Box 2133, Kampala Tele: 256 41 258516, 241849, 257066 Fax: 256 41 241807 Telex: 61299UPET MOROCCO Non-Resident Mission Embassy of The Kingdom of Morocco Moi Avenue, Diamond Trust Bldg., 2nd & 3rd floors P. Box 61098, Nairobi MOZAMBIQUE Non-Resident Mission Embassy of Republic of Mozambique 25 Garden Avenue P. Box 9370, Dar el Salaam Tele: 255 46973/4, 33063 Telex: 41214 EMBAMOC NETHERLANDS Resident Mission Royal Netherlands Embassy Nakasero Lane, Kisozi Complex, 4th floor P. Box 7728, Kampala Tele: 256 41 231859, 234427, 234708, 234802 Fax: 231861 NIGER Non-Resident Mission Embassy of The Republic of Niger Debrezeit Rd, H.18, Kebele 41 Hse. Box 5220 Kampala Tele: 256 41 258235 , 258237 Fax: 256 41 258239 Telex: 61191 KENREPUGA KOREA – SOUTH Non-Resident Mission Embassy of The Republic of Korea University Way, Anniversary Towers, floor15 P. Box 30455, Nairobi Tele: 254 2 333581/2 , 3323839 Telex: 22300 KOREA – NORTH Resident Mission Embassy of The Democratic People’s Republic of Korea 10 Prince charles Drive, Kololo P. Box 5885, Kampala Tele: 256 41 254603, 243424 Telex; 61144 DPRK UG LIBERIA Non-resident Mission Embassy of The republic of Liberia Roosevelt St. People’s Arab Libyan Jamahiriya 26 Kololo Hill Drive P. Box 6079, Kampala T Tele: 256 41 244924/5 Fax: 256 41 244969 Telex: 61090 ALLUBYA UG MALAWI Non-Resident Mission Malawi High Commision Off Waiyaki Way Between Mvuli& Church Road P. Box 30453, Nairobi Tele: 254 2 440569 Fax: 254 2 440568 Telex: 22749 KWACHA KE MALAYSIA Non-Resident Mission High commission of Malaysia, Harare MALI Non-Resident Mission Embassy of The Republic of Mali 3 Reu El Kawsaw, Dokki, Cairo P. Box 844, Cairo Tele: 41, 701895 Fax: 41 Telex: 94319 AMALI UN. Box 5791, Addis Ababa Tele: 251 651296, 651305, 651175 Telex: 21284 NIGERIA Resident Mission The High Commision of The Federal Republic of Nigeria 33 Nakasero Road, Kampala P. Box 4338, Kampala Tele: 256 41 233691/2 Telex: 61011 NORWAY Consular Representative, Royal Norwegian Consulate Kampala Road, Barcklays Bank Bldg. This site doesn't have any keyword and we think they should put at least a few keywords.

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